The Zoo

The original Seris Zoo was established in 2009 with the addition of boxers Velma and Daphne to Chris’s cats Calvin and Theodore. Chris was, of course, the Head Zookeeper until he decided to “hire” a co-zookeeper in December of that year – me! I went through rigorous training (i.e. wedding planning) until my official appointment began August 28, 2010.

The following summer, the Zoo relocated to the other side of town. After losing Velma’s sister, Daphne, in February 2010 to an unfortunate accident, we were looking for some more space and to find a new buddy for Velma. We were able to work with BSRO to adopt Mr. Oscar Meyer Wiemer Seris in November of 2011.

Most recently, we’ve recruited a young zookeeper-in-training: Jackson Charles Seris arrived March 26, 2013. So far he’s proving to provide us with additional training, and seems to identify more with the other exhibits than a fellow zookeeper, but we’ll keep working on him…


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