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  • Hello! If you've reached this site in search of Jennifer Seris've found me! However, I'm currently on an extended maternity leave, and what you'll find here for the time being will be mostly personal photos and happenings.

    If you like cute babies, funny dogs, and the occasional sassy monologue, feel free to stick around! (Yes, grandparents, this means you!)

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It’s not the 26th of the month and I’m popping in to say…hi? What’s the deal with that?!

Ah, the deal with that is that I just want to prepare you (and myself) to see a bit more action on this blog/site in the coming months, because this mama is back in business! Said Oprah style. Allow me to illustrate:



After consulting with my nearly-23-month-old earlier this month (yep, expect that post later this week!),  we agreed that I could come out of maternity leave. Since I’ll still have my wonderful day job, and my wifely/motherly duties, it won’t be too crazy, but I’ll have a handful of weddings and be more open for family sessions throughout the year. Because, you know, I’m 30 now and I’ve got things I want to do!


It’s been fun letting myself start thinking about my business more lately and – of course – has opened the door on a LOT of things that I want to change now…like maybe finally starting to use this website/blog as more of an equal opportunity for other “models” than my son? But I have learned to be patient with all of that, and know that I cannot make ALL of those changes overnight…even if those are my “best” hours for productivity. #mamasgottasleep


[Sidenote: speaking of best hours for productivity, here's a little teaser from a 7AM shoot this week...typically NOT my best functioning hour, but I think we managed to pull it off! Katy and Chad are my neighbors and they're getting married this October...and they like the cold. #troopers]


Anyway, that’s what’s going on around here…so if you are following along (hi, Mom!) and ready to pick up the pace (from 10 sec. sprints every month to something more like a brisk walk)…here we go!


Jackson :: 22 Months Old

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. (Ooookay…some of us will still be waiting for Oscar to be sitting on Jackson, but for now…and for a 22-month old…we’ll count this as pretty awesome!)


In the interest of posting in a timely fashion, I’ll try to keep it brief with yet another list.


  • Still not walking…only running. Ever.
  • Daddy still funny. Mommy hardly ever.
  • LOTS of words. Lots of words together. Lots of fun.
  • Learning to communicate both with words…and faces…and loud noises…and pouts.
  • FINALLY likes to rock at night and snuggle a bit. Mommy is A-OK with this arrangement.
  • Loves: racer cars, slides, books, food, brownies (specifically), jumping, running, hats, mittens, bulldozers, trash day, doggies, David and Goliath storytime Bible, Let It Go, the word POOPY (poopie?), and his family (by name).
  • Dislikes: seeing mommy first thing in the morning (me too, kid. Daddy’s hair looks way better first thing…funny how that works), sometimes the carseat, sometimes food, wiping face after food, changing diapers, and having to choose between two awesome things (because that’s life).
  • We’ve decided to keep him.


And because I couldn’t help it…a bonus pic:



Jackson :: 21 Months Old

Aaaand less than a week later…we have a 21 month old! (Who, I might add, has been merrily chatting away since being put down for a nap ohhhh…about an hour ago.)

This year’s “themed” photo shoot was a bit more challenging than last year’s endeavor, for a myriad of reasons:

  1. He’s mobile. Incredibly so. So while he seemed genuinely excited by the words “photo shoot” and rushed to put his hat on after willingly laying down for the “naked”…after that he rapidly lost interest.
  2. He’s bigger. Incredibly so. So the narrow but loooong strip of green fabric I have just isn’t cutting it.
  3. He’s fast. Incredibly so. So please accept my apologies for the lack of color tone matching in the comparison collage. The entire “shoot” from wardrobe to “I’M DONE” took approximately 90 seconds. Thus there was intentional or additional lighting strategy in place. Just an effort put forth so we could see what the two year’s difference was.

Jury’s out on whether we’ll give it one more go next year…anyone want to stitch the backdrop into a wider piece for me sometime in the next 11 months?!





Favorite phrases from December:

  • Change the diaper (manipulation tactic, seen most often during naptimes or road trips)
  • NO change the diaper (strong objection)
  • Oh, Mugsy! (from a book)
  • M-I-Z (Z-O-U from 2nd party) GOOO TIGERS!
  • No more monkeys jumpin’ on da bed!
  • Geen Zac! (getting Zach…?)
  • No throw the food/cup/plate (often said before or immediately after throwing the object)
  • Mine!
  • More cookie
  • Nope!
  • …14, 15, 16, 11-teen… (methinks this is more indicative of the times we’ve spent in “timeout” on mommy’s lap counting to 20, than actually counting…)

and my personal favorite…

  • Daddy funny! (yes, but we don’t need to tell him that so much…and also, why never ever ever “Mommy funny!”)


December 28, 2014 - 3:53 PM

Mom - I love this! And him :)

Jackson :: 20 Months Old

Would you believe me if I told you that this post has been in draft form with the pic loaded since December 1st?! I suppose it doesn’t really matter, but I like to be a bit more timely with my once-monthly commitment to blogging. (Do I hear a resolution coming on…?!)

Anyway, below you’ll see a photo of the newest family member to take up golfing as a hobby. Granny Sue and Grandpa Stan hosted our post-Thanksgiving visit, complete with beautiful November weather, golf clubs and – of course! – a golf cart! More pics to come, but it’s not Christmas yet, so I can’t bring myself to be a spoiler;)

And since I’m short on time and am bound and determined to post 20 months BEFORE 21 months happens in 3 days, the month in hashtags:

#grandparentvisits #stumpgrinder #forkinbib #firstfevernofun #homehaircuts #racercars #pacobird #hillrollsfordays




Jackson : 19 Months Old

The last “teen” month is upon us. (Is that even a thing?) We’re about to enter a phase where–in my humble opinion–we sound a bit ridiculous counting in months…but my loveable sister-in-law, ‘Chelle, thinks we’ve been there for about 6 months now.

Anyway…our 19-month old. Sigh.


We’ve had a fun month that I will proceed to recap in events/trips, more than actual milestones:

  • Jackson got to spend a weekend with Granny Sue and Grandpa Stan at their house while Chris and I had a fun weekend in St. Louis [alone!]
  • We ended the weekend with his first trip to the St. Louis Zoo…yucky weather, but fun animals and a mostly non-too-cranky toddler in a flat-tire BOB stroller. #goodtimes
  • Capped it off with a [too-brief-due-to-mostly-fully-cranky toddler-mode] visit with Grandpa Charley and Grandma Peggy at their house. Good thing they love him (and us) no matter what our mood;)(Also, another month getting to see all grandparents! YAY!)
  • Jackson took his second trip by airplane!! We got to visit family in Dallas and had such a wonderful (and hilarious!) time! I will say though…flying with a toddler is a waaaaaaaaay different experience than with an infant. Neither is without its own particular stresses, but when you can tell the “baby” to “stop kicking the seat” and they just smile and keep kicking…whew. It’s exciting. Other than that “new trick” and the reeeeallllly late and eeeeeeven earlier flight times [I chose], it was pretty uneventful travel!
  • Time with Chris’s sibs and meeting our nephew/cousin Walter was seriously so. much. fun. I’m convinced you could stick us in one [relatively large, with soft furniture, puppy chow, a margarita fountain, and some cardboard books...oh, and some bibs for Walter] room and we’d be set for at least a week. With all the quick inside jokes, good-natured teasing, funny stories and baby snuggles, we had the best time and wish it were easier to do more frequently! Jackson still says “Come on, Day-bid” on almost a daily basis, and while Uncle David is convinced this has solidified his spot as Jackson’s favorite, the rest of us know better;)
  • This month Jackson also learned that on Wednesdays when he goes to bible study at the Crossing with me, he gets pizza. Thus, he might be the youngest child to yell “PIZZA” when we get to the parking lot. Part of me thinks I should be ashamed, but I mostly find it hilarious. Here’s to hoping he’ll grow into more intrinsic (vs stomach-driven) desires to join me as he ages!
  • Coming in just under the wire on the 25th, he attended his second Mizzou Homecoming game, and his first Homecoming Parade! He enjoyed the: drums, flags, dogs, fire trucks and sounds. In that order. We arrived at the game [post-post-nap meltdown] during the second quarter and managed to stay through the rest of the game! That IS a milestone and we were proud of our little Tiger. Uncle Zach and Aunt Jenn were in town and seemed to enjoy the time with their favorite nephew…I think they like him!


My silly boys.


If you liked the shot of me and Jackson on Facebook, I thought it only fair to share what the next several seconds entailed. Simply put, playground equipment is not geared for those of us past a certain age/height/weight. #awkwardslidedismount

(P.S. Family, if you’ve made it this far…know that there are more photos from this shoot, and I have plans to share them with you in due time ;))

October 26, 2014 - 9:15 PM

Katie H. - He is still SO precious – seat-kicking and all! And it would be okay if you shared those pics with people that aren’t blood relatives… Cough cough! :)

October 26, 2014 - 10:52 PM

Mom - Love! Pics are awesome :)