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    In addition to the shoots I blog, you'll see monthly updates on my family (ok, just my son, no one cares about the rest of us changing month to month) and ocassional other thoughts I deem worthy of getting out of my head and onto the interwebs.

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Jackson :: 26 Months

This was it, guys. This was the month my little baby became a little kid. Some may argue that it was before now, but if mommy doesn’t acknowledge it, it’s not true…right?

Anyway, my kid:


He likes his hats and shades. And he wears them well. Chris thinks it’s funny that people will ask him if he watches the Cardinals with daddy…the answer is no, we don’t have cable/TV and while we support the Cardinals it’s definitely in the realm of a cultural affiliation with a bi-annual (or less…?) trek to Busch for the in-person experience. Oh, and of course the World Series fun. Fairweather fans for sure. But cute ones!


This was Jackson’s first boating experience (to my knowledge). He was in good hands with Lifeguard Daddy and that somewhat-suffocating life jacket. I’m glad I went along for the ride and didn’t let photo-mom take over. Much more fun on the boat;)


These photos are all from our recent Family Reunion in Jerseyville, IL at my mom’s cousin’s house. They have the BEST setup for our shindigs…and if Janet doesn’t think they’re the permanent host site for the two-years-runnning annual party…we’ll just be showing up next year anyway!! This is our little man taking the stair with flare…it pretty much captures his essence completely and I love that I snapped it.


I see little Chris in the first one. In the second one, he’s either being a gorilla or lion. And definitely scary.


Smart little guy at dessert time…”Oh, hi Aunt [cousin, great-aunt, Toodie, anyone with a plate]…I’m cute and obviously STARVING while standing here quick-shuffling my feet in excited anticipation…please spoon feed my face with whatever goodness is on your plate, regardless of the fact that I already had a piece of my own.” He made the rounds. Can’t fault him.


And two weeks from today he’ll be another month older. And coincidentally his father will have his own milestone that day…can’t wait to celebrate my two favorite guys!!


Jackson :: 25 Months

It’s currently June 12. Before time gets too far away from us, let’s catch up a bit shall we?



That was my 25 month old son. He was so little back then. 6 weeks ago.



Remember when his hair used to do that in the tub? (It still does.) Remember when that was the only place he’d sit still? (It still is.)


Remember when there was nothing cuter than that grin? (There still is nothing cuter.)


Remember when he could change moods on a dime? (He still can. Maybe even better than way back then.)


He’s still making me laugh every day and I’m still taking his photos once a month. Check the metadata (or just take my word for it.)

26 coming right up!


Jackson :: 24 Months Old

And just like that, we’re done counting in months!! (Aunt Michelle, I can hear you shouting with joy from here!)


Oh, this boy. And that’s just what he is…A BOY. Not a baby. Maybe a toddler, but his vocabulary negates that on a regular basis. It’s 11:30PM on the night of his birthday party, and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do anything besides let the photos do the talking this time around. I have no interest in dragging out the emotions I’ve felt over the past week any longer, because to be honest, the range has been rather extreme. It’s a strange feeling to have time sneak up on you when you think you’ve got a handle on how relatively slowly things are going week to week. It’s almost scary how much has changed in a year and it’s just going to keep going. [Pause while mental images of school buses, math problems (cue Daddy!), sports uniforms, car keys and diplomas flash through my head...]


Things that HAVEN’T changed:

  • Those absolutely perfectly squishy cheeks. Both sets. #noshame
  • Love of food…including vegetables, but after the week he’s had I’m pretty sure we’re going to be on a rigorous sugar detox for the next few weeks.
  • We love him. (But honestly, even that’s risen to a new level and continues to, sooo…
  • That’s it.




Yes, that is frozen custard in his hair. Which reminds me, I never cleaned off the wall or picture frames behind him in the dining room…ah, well.

Things that HAVE changed:

  • Shut doors need an extra level of security to be impassable.
  • Counting to 20ish (eleventeen is my favorite number), alphabetting, singing all kinds of songs and randomly reciting pages from books we haven’t read in weeks.
  • No necessary separation of dogs from “baby” due to excessive knocking down…now we’re working on getting him to let them out (and in, and out, and in…)
  • No more binky…this one’s still a little fresh, and “stalling” has entered our bedtime/naptime routines, which is equal parts humorous, sweet and maddening.
  • Chris no longer has an appendix (sorry, just like reliving that one from time to time… #destinationoperation #ridiculous)
  • He yells a combination of the following anytime we drive by Faurot Field: Football Stay-dee-uhm, Go Tigers, M-I-Z, the fight song, Coach Pinkel (seriously!!), Big tiger (over walking bridge), and hot dog (with longing tone).
  • He has a COUSIN!! We love Walter!
  • He’s climbed out of a crib and a pack n’ play one time each. Mommy’s hedging her bets that we have another 6 months before having to trade up!
  • Brussels sprouts and broccoli. More than his Uncle Zach has had in his entire life. Times three.
  • He’s fed a giraffe and a camel. Which is just cool.
  • We’re officially out of “survival” mode (i.e. keep baby alive) and into “actual parenting” mode (i.e. repeating things a million times and still at a loss for figuring out how to keep him from running toward the street.)


Let’s look at some pics of the party guests. We kept it small this year — grandparents and local-ish BFF families — and were planning to have it at a park to accommodate the 3 active toddlers, but SNOW and not-so-warm temps kept that plan from being executed. I shouldn’t be surprised, since there was snow on the ground the day he was born, but SOMEDAY we’ll have a nice last weekend of March, right?!

The Goebel boys (and that big Ferguson boy!) had a great time playing with new toys and eating the good stuff…they also rocked a mean set of TMNT masks…which makes it hard to tell the difference in them in a year (see last pic in section) but I think you’ll get the idea. #toobigtoofast


And for comparison…(we missed you this year, Liz! Feel better soon!)



And now for some family grandma pics (next year, group pictures are mandatory! #dudenotpictured #wheresunclescooter)



And just a few more pics because I can’t stop (won’t stop).

Yes, that’s a fox Camelbak and I’m jealous. Too bad it’s not big enough to join my team of three (3) bottles at work. (Something about minimizing my trips to the fountain in the interest of staying hydrated out of convenience? I don’t know. I realize I work at a gym.)


We ended the day with a little yardwork. Hope his love of putting sticks and leaves in bags sticks around for a few more years!


Ok, I lied. This is the last one. Because. #allthechanges


March 29, 2015 - 4:40 PM

Mom - L. O. V. E.

Katy + Chad :: ENGAGED

It is my immense pleasure to introduce you to Katy and Chad!. Katy and Chad are our next-door neighbors to the west. They have a 23-month old husky named Mac (he and Jackson are the same age, so he gets to count in months for now, too!) and have been a great to have right next door for the past couple of years. Bonus fact: Katy is the Neighborhood Association president, and everyone knows it’s good to be “in” with the prez!

When talking about what they wanted in an engagement shoot, one thing become quickly apparent: Katy is not a mid-MO native, and has a bit stronger love for all things winter than the average girl I’ve encountered. So, yes, snow was going to be a must. Which at that point in late January/early February was starting to look like more and more of a long shot!

But wait we did, and we were fortunate to get a fairly big snowfall toward the end of the month…and then came the logistics of timing. Between 3 day jobs, the sun setting too dang early, and one unfortunate stomach bug…there we were on a Friday morning at 7AM!

Let me just start by saying, if you know me at all, then you know that I’m not so much a morning person. (Even post-Jackson, which I think is a lingering source of disappointment for my husband, but I digress.)

So. 7AM on the [day following the] coldest day of the year, we found ourselves on the campus of Stephens College for a [quick but efficient] photo shoot. And they. were. troopers. Not one complaint about the cold and just the cutest couple:)(I may or may not have had an issue with a “frozen” vocabulary that morning, resulting in excessive use of the word “cute”…but hey, it was true!)

Anyway, enough with the chit-chat…let’s get to the photos already!



I love this series where they were just making each other laugh!


Meet Mac. He’s a snow pup, and was so much fun! Love how he’s looking back over his should at “Mom and Dad” like “Am I doing this right? Why is she clicking in my face?”


Thanks for the best time I’ve had in the snow before 8AM all winter…and ever! Looking forward to [a warmer time in] October!

March 1, 2015 - 9:18 PM

Mom - Love the photos! Totally impressed with the time of the shoot.

Jackson :: 23 Months Old

This guy.

He’s going to be 2 next month. Which is tomorrow. But it’s still February, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

This month’s photo is a bit different (at least to me, by my unspoken-but-somewhat-well-established style over the past 22 months), but in the absence of time to take a dedicated photo for the post, we’ll go with a week-before-the-milestone-let’s-try-to-remember-the-joy-that-is-snow shot.



 Things I hope to always remember about this photo:

  • Choppy DIY haircut by Mommy.
  • Chipped front tooth.
  • Loooooong eyelashes.
  • Amazingly sweet eyes.
  • Minor facial scrapes sustained by crash landing while running. Jumping. Sliding. Etc.
  • That little nose.
  • Puffy snow coat that he’ll probably get 3 wears out of before it’s too small.

Things I hope to always remember about this month/phase:

  • ALL THE WORDS. I know I won’t if I don’t start writing them down, but man this kid is funny!
  • Still loves to read. Anything. And then talk about it randomly.
  • Bible story reading at night (his choice! Often finding David & Goliath and Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter in either of his two storybook Bibles…what?!) and praying.
  • His face when he’s taking something in and learning.
  • His well-developed sense of humor and timing. He comes by it naturally, what can I say?

Things I hope pass fairly quickly:

  • Fit-throwing at mealtimes/evenings. Complete with yelling and food throwing.
  • “NO CHANGE THE DIAPER. So clean!” Um. No. I’ll show you clean.
  • Putting of all the things in his mouth. Just because.
  • The fear of making him give up his binky. Total parental selfishness…he just goes to bed SO EASILY with it. Why would I change that?! WHY?!
  • His insistence that I sit NEXT to him when rocking instead of him on my lap. Umm…soooo not as fun for Mommy. Let’s snuggle, please!


And to end on a positive note, more snow pics!


March 1, 2015 - 10:52 PM

Gma N - Really enjoy your story telling about you and Jackson. I feel I know hime even without seeing him and what a fantastic smile. Looking forward to the next visit.
Love Gma N